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IRS Form W-2: Instructions for 2023

The W2 Form is also known as the IRS Wage and Tax Statement. It’s a federal tax document designed and processed by the Internal Revenue Service to let employers report their employees for performing particular services during the year if the total of payments for these services exceeds $600 during the tax year. If you’re an employee, it’s important to make sure that your employer fills out the W2 tax form on time, as it’s related to your tax bill. Read this comprehensive guide to understand:

  • How to fill printable W2 Form for employees properly;
  • Where to get free W2 forms 2019 printable;
  • How to submit W2 Form printable on time.

Step-by-Step Guide for Employers

First of all, you must remember that you should print W-2 forms for employees independently of the number of people who work in your company. You have to print W2 form and fill it for each person who paid their:

  • income tax;
  • Medicare tax;
  • Social Security tax.

If one or more of your employees don’t claim exemption from withholding on their W4s, then the income tax must be withheld. If there were a mistake, your employee would be able to request a refund for the next tax year, but not earlier.

  • You (if you’re an employer) should print W2 and give it out to each of your employees who need to file it. If you’re an independent contractor or self-employed, your payers don’t have to send you Form W-2. You should download and fill the 1099 Form on our website instead.
  • To fill out the document properly, you may need federal and state tax paychecks. Besides, your fillable W2 Form requires you to calculate the right amount of withholdings that should be taken from you. This will clarify whether you need a tax refund this year, or you should make one more payment. Do the same operation with your income tax return form.

How to Fill It Out?

But how to fill the blank W2 Form for 2022 printable properly? It’s quite easy if you fill each box attentively and without a hurry. If the task seems too difficult or time-taking, you’re welcome to request help from our expert assistants. The document is a concise one-page card that requires the following information:

  • Employee’s SSN (Social Security Number);
  • Employer’s EIN (Employer's Identification Number);
  • Employer’s personal information (name, ZIP, address);
  • Control number;
  • The list of the employee’s tips, wages, compensations, withholdings, benefits, and plans.

Attachable Copies

  • Copy A for the Social Security Administration. It should be sent to the SSA along with W3;
  • Copy 1 for the state, city, or local tax department;
  • Copy B that should be filed along with the employee’s federal tax return;
  • Copy C for employee`s records;
  • Copy 2 for employee’s state, city, or local income tax return;
  • Copy D for the employer.

Important Note

You should make a copy to keep it in your own archive and attach another one to your tax return. w-2-form-printable.com lets you print W2 Form online for free independently from the number of copies you need. You can either fill the free W2 online and send it via e-mail, or download a printable W-2 Form to fill it in with third-party software or manually. We have the latest free online W2 Forms for all purposes.

Due Date

The 2022 W2 Form printable is available in different versions. When all the copies are complete, you must double-check them and correct mistakes by filling in new copies if needed. It’s important to ensure that all the provided data is real, or your company will be inspected by the service as soon as they find mistakes. W2 forms for 2022-2023 printable must be filed to the IRS by January 31 but not later. Usually, companies file it by December 31 to have more time for correcting mistakes if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I file IRS Form W-2 with the IRS?
    By the end of February, employers must submit an electronic copy of the W-2 tax form to the IRS and the Social Security Administration. Employers can also submit paper copies if they meet specific criteria. It is important to note that all forms must be accurate and complete to be accepted and processed by the IRS.
  • Is there a deadline for filing IRS Form W-2?
    Generally, employers must provide employees a copy of the W-2 by January 31st of the following year. This document must also be submitted to the IRS and the SSA (Social Security Administration) by the end of February. It is important to note that employers may be subject to fines and penalties for not filing and submitting the form by the required deadlines.
  • Can I obtain a copy of my W-2 online?
    Sometimes, employers may make IRS Form W-2 available online or via an employee portal. If an employee does not have access to the document online, they can contact their employer to obtain a copy.
  • Are there resources available to help me complete blank W-2 template for the current tax year?
    The IRS provides a blank template and detailed instructions on how to complete the template. Taxpayers can also find sample copies for the 2022 and 2023 tax years in both PDF and printable formats. Additionally, various online resources are available to help taxpayers understand and complete their tax forms.
  • Can I file my taxes without a copy of my W-2?
    It is possible to file taxes without a copy of IRS Form W-2. However, it is important to note that the form is required to calculate taxes owed accurately. If a copy of the form is not available, it is recommended to contact the employer to obtain a copy.

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